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The time has come to show us your creative juices and show our community your amazing talents and creativity. We are holding a contest where we will issue prizes to the best 10 submissions with a total prize pool of $2000 in the form of beautiful Goatcoin

What can I submit as Entries?

We are happy to receive submissions of any type, art, videos, music, photos, handicrafts, memes all are accepted. They can be funny, artistic, intriguing. We’re looking for effort, imagination and top entertainment to showcase the pool of talent that lives in our community, and the best entries will be handsomely rewarded. Everyone is…

We are building GOAT to be the go-ro NFT market place, as part of this roadmap and
to encourage active participation in the gotcha marketplace we will be performing a weekly airdrop of up to 1 GOAT.

Who is eligible to receive GOAT airdrop?

To be eligible for the airdrop, you must be a user of Gotcha.
This means that you have used gotcha to buy or sell NFTs and are eligible for the week in which you are active. You can be eligible for every week where you are active. Weekly activity means you will earn more GOAT

How is the airdropped GOAT distributed?

GOAT is distributed proportionally based on the volume(in…

We are happy to announce a new companion for GOAT. Butter ($BUTT) allows 2 way conversion between $BUTT and $GOAT. This offers a bridge function to redenominate GOAT into BUTT deonminated at a 1 million $BUTT to $GOAT.

What is $BUTT?

Butter is a partner token to GOAT. Holders of GOAT can exchange their GOAT token for BUTT at a rate of 1 GOAT: 1,000,000 BUTT. This exchange rate is fixed and you can exchange BUTT back into GOAT anytime you wish. BUTT is always fully backed by GOAT and you can always swap it back at the fixed rate. …

It’s the beginning of Q2, here is what we have in plan and what to look forward to as we build out a comprehensive marketplace for NFTs.

We are here to upgrade the NFT space with innovations!

Q2 2021 - Let’s get the party started

Launch of Marketplace

First and foremost, our number 1 priority is to have the marketplace up and running. You can see the design from our sneek peek and we will be launching with partnerships in place and fully support atomic trading with a variety of different tokens. NFTs created using Goatcha will be hosted using IPFS.

Not only will Goatcha be a place to buy…

We are proud to announce that Goatcha has entered into a partnership with Ditto has chosen our marketplace to mint and list their exclusive NFTs. In addition, buyers will be able to purchase NFTs on Goatcha using the $ditto token. This is a major landmark in the development of Goatcha to become a leading NFT marketplace on BSC (…and beyond).


🐐 NFTs will be added to a ‘featured’ section on the site💜

🐐$ditto added as payment method on Goatcha💜

🐐 will use Goatcha to mint and sell their NFTs💜

As we continue building Goatcha, we want to prepare for the launch by attracting top projects like to our NFT marketplace. We are really looking forward to working with and their team.

This week was quiet… or so it would seem. In reality, we have been hard-at-work in the background: bringing verified artists on board, developing partnerships with some of the biggest names in the BSC DeFi space and building a platform good enough to compete with Opensea and Rarible in aesthetics, fees, usability, tokenomics and more. Let us take you through what has happened behind the scenes in week 3.

Over 35 Verified Artists

It’s important for us to launch with NFT content for our users to discover and explore, with this in mind, we have signed up and verified over 35 artists on our…

The main headlines this week for Goatcha include audits, more $GOAT locked away, dev hiring as we edge closer to the launch of our NFT marketplace. Check out what we’ve been up to this past week and where we are headed next!

Achievements & Updates

The end of a hectic first week was capped off with the launch of our 50 $GOAT for 50 days liquidity mining program. Let’s take stock and review the major events & achievements of our first 7 days as well as announce plans for the next 7, and beyond.


— Successful launch of $GOAT pre-sale on which sold out within 1.5 days.

— Established the GOAT community on TG, currently sitting at over 700 members.

— Launched trading on PancakeSwap and then Locked LP and dev funds for 1 year (

— We designed a new logo.



The first week for GOAT has been an amazing one and we thank all of our herders for giving us so much support. We are blessed to have you with us. We are glad to announce that the fair launch liquidity mining program is now live!

We previously allocated 260 $GOAT to the LP on Pancakeswap and 300 $GOAT were sold at pre-sale. For the next 50 days, a total of 50 $GOAT will be distributed through LP token staking as rewards. The remainder will be allocated to our NFT creation incentive pool and to Pancakeswap’s Syrup Pool depositors.

The leading decentralised NFT ecosystem on Binance Smart Chain by Goatcoin ($GOAT)

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